Shopping For Special Occasions

Shopping for a special occasion can be challenging. Shopping for a special occasion while pregnant can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be. I’ve included a few tips as to how you can make this seemingly terrifying experience, easier and more enjoyable.

At the beginning of the year, I was invited to a wedding, but not just any wedding, it was my cousin’s (more like a brother) black tie optional wedding. Oh Em Gee! Not that anyone will care what I have on, because it’s all about the bride (and the groom but more the bride), but I was still worried.

Now usually, I have plenty of time to surf the web, order a few dresses, and send back whatever I don’t like. Amazon always has great dresses, and I’ve gotten a few from there in the past. But now we have one tiny, growing problem. My belly.

Sure I could order the dress a size or two bigger, but who knows how much I’ll grow between now and the wedding? So I decided to do the unfathomable. I’m going to wait until the last minute and hope that I find a dress.

I searched online to get an idea of what I may want to wear. I looked at pictures of other pregnant women at formal events. Plus Beyoncé had just announced her pregnancy with the twins and she was showing up everywhere absolutely Beyoncé amazing of course.

So I came down to this: “I want something light colored, the wedding is in Florida. It is also outdoors so I want to make sure I’ll be comfortable. My bump is smedium sized (not small but not quite medium), so I also want a dress that will accentuate my belly. I don’t want to look like I’ve eaten one too many hors devours.

Now the time has arrived. The wedding is in 2 weeks. I’m ready to start dress shopping. In an attempt to minimize stress, I decided that I would not order online. I headed out to some of my local dress stores, starting with TJ Maxx and Ross where I found these beauties.

Suggestion: Try to avoid dresses with a low band like this pink one. If you aren’t shopping in a maternity section, which I wasn’t, some of the different styles and cuts may be uncomfortable. In this case the band came down too low and was uncomfortable around my mid-section. When I tried to raise it up, it altered the lay of the dress and caused it to be unflattering in my opinion. I felt like a marshmallow tent. I immediately rejected this dress.

I slid on the blue dress and I loved the way it fit. It showed off my baby bump, just the way that I wanted, and the material was stretchy which gave some room if my belly grew a little between now and then. I also fell in love with the pattern and all the glitter (shine bright like a diamond). This was it, I bought the dress. Boom that was easy.

Or maybe not. After holding on to the dress for a few days, I didn’t feel like it was elegant enough. Again, not about me, but I still want to be pretty and dress up and I wasn’t getting that *feeling* you know? So I head back out and this time hit the mall, its prom season so there should be plenty of options.

  Blue Dress Side | Blue Dress |

I stumbled across a boutique in the mall that sells formal dresses and tried on a few.

I freaking love this dress! I love the pattern. I love the cut of the dress, short in the front, long in the back. To me it’s simple yet eye catching at the same time. That’s my personality in dress form. But there are still a few problems.

Minus the baby bump, I think the dress would be much cuter. Because of the style of the dress, and the size of my baby bump, it still leaves a mystery. Is she pregnant or is it just the dress? I just didn’t want to be caught in that limbo.

Shoes would also be a major factor here, since I’m not wearing a long dress my shoes would need to be fabulous. Being the fashionista that I am, of course I’m thinking something high and dramatic. Then reality kicks in and I remember that I am pregnant, my feet do swell, and flats or sandals just won’t cut it in this dress. I had to put it back 🙁

Black Red Dress Front |

I did however bring home and actually keep my runner up dress, which turned out to be a mermaid style black dress that reminded me of the Vera Wang gown that Michelle Obama wore during the China State Dinner in 2015. I felt like royalty.

All in all it only took two short shopping days to find the dress that I ended up loving. I was able to pair the dress with a reasonable sized, comfortable heel that was super cute even though you couldn’t see them. And because the dress was so long, I still had the option to wear some cute flats or sandals if necessary.

So a few things to remember when shopping for a special occasion. It’s especially important while pregnant, but really at any point in your life.





How to Find the Perfect Outfit

  1. Find a style that you love.
  2. Don’t buy it if you don’t love it.
  3. Only choose items that are comfortable.
  4. Wear something that makes you feel confident.
  5. Keep your receipts in case you change your mind.
  6. Be~You~tiful: you are your own kind of beautiful, stick with that and you will never go wrong.