Full Sized Family

I shouldn’t have to defend my family size. Often times I feel as if I am labeled with stereotypes as to what my family is like. Usually those labels are untrue. I get comments like “Wow, I bet that’s noisy!” or “How do you have any time to yourself?”. Read More

The Truth About Being A Stay At Home Mom

All of my family and friends know that I am a stay at home mom. One of the most common misconceptions about being a stay at home mom is that every day is a vacation. Well, it isn’t. I often hear things like “You’re so lucky”, “I would be happy to trade places with you”, and “If I could stay at home every day I would xyz”. Read More

Newsflash: My Husband and I Are Having a Baby


 When my husband and I met back in 2014, he reassured me that we absolutely could not date. We both were divorced, he had one child from his previous marriage and I had four. “I just can’t see myself dating someone with four kids”, he tells me, “but we can be friends”. Really? Friends? Ok sir, fine, we can be friends. I never had someone say that to me before. I have dated men before, but no one has come right out and tell me that they aren’t interested because of my children. Read More