Your Compliment Offends Me

I’m sure that people are offering a compliment when they look at me and say “You’re so skinny!”, but honestly, it isn’t always received as such. I have always been on the thin side when it comes to my weight and I eat well. I didn’t reach 100 lbs until I was a senior in high school. I’ve also had 5 children and yet I am still thin compared to most women my age. Read More

How to Use a Credit Card

There are so many people who have misconceptions when it comes to credit cards. We have been brainwashed to believe that credit cards create trouble and lead to debt. That is true. The misuse of credit cards can lead to trouble and debt. However, with the proper knowledge, you can successfully use credit cards to build your credit among many other things.  Read More

Full Sized Family

I shouldn’t have to defend my family size. Often times I feel as if I am labeled with stereotypes as to what my family is like. Usually those labels are untrue. I get comments like “Wow, I bet that’s noisy!” or “How do you have any time to yourself?”. Read More

Shopping For Special Occasions

Shopping for a special occasion can be challenging. Shopping for a special occasion while pregnant can be a nightmare. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be. I’ve included a few tips as to how you can make this seemingly terrifying experience, easier and more enjoyable. Read More

The Truth About Being A Stay At Home Mom

All of my family and friends know that I am a stay at home mom. One of the most common misconceptions about being a stay at home mom is that every day is a vacation. Well, it isn’t. I often hear things like “You’re so lucky”, “I would be happy to trade places with you”, and “If I could stay at home every day I would xyz”. Read More

Romper > Romp”him”

8 Reasons Why I’m All for the Male Romper

 Recently, there has been a huge uproar about men wearing rompers. I have seen countless memes and Facebook posts of people expressing their discontent of the new fad. There are a number of reasons as to why people are giving such disapproval for the male romper. Read More

HGTV Gone Wrong! How Evening TV Caused a Fight

 My husband and I are not big on TV. So this will be a story on how watching HGTV went completely wrong. We have a few TV shows that we watch on Netflix or Hulu, but that’s really about it. If you are a Netflix or Hulu fanatic, then you know how the story goes. You find a TV series that you like, you watch multiple episodes back to back, and before you realize it, you have reached the end of the series and now you’re back on the hunt to find another one. This is a vicious cycle that most users fall into, you are not alone. Read More

Newsflash: My Husband and I Are Having a Baby


 When my husband and I met back in 2014, he reassured me that we absolutely could not date. We both were divorced, he had one child from his previous marriage and I had four. “I just can’t see myself dating someone with four kids”, he tells me, “but we can be friends”. Really? Friends? Ok sir, fine, we can be friends. I never had someone say that to me before. I have dated men before, but no one has come right out and tell me that they aren’t interested because of my children. Read More

iHeart Who?

iheart who? In a recent quest to find myself and my true passion in life, I decided to make a list of things that I loved doing as a child. I prepared my list, and I write: clothing design, art, singing and music, but then I also had writing. Unsure of what I was going to do with this list, I wrote these things down and it stayed there, on my notepad, for a few months. Out of the blue, I decided to write a list about topics I would share with people and the list seemed never ending. Could writing really be “IT!”? Read More